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I live and work in Hobart Tasmania where the plentiful, unique and diverse environment provides endless opportunities for my inspiration.

It was my first passion as a taxidermist, an art learned back in Poland that led me into my first foray as a sculptor and jeweler. Native Australian wildlife absolutely fascinated me and that's where I found my niche as an artist. Extensive background knowledge in animals’ anatomy, years of sculpture studying and hard work resulted in my ability to capture the character, spirit and fine details of my subjects in bronze.

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Wildlife is my passion, which inspires me to create wonderful animals and birds sculptures in bronze. Through my artwork, I try to capture moments of this outside experience and bring them inside. I believe, living with sculptures of native animals and birds helps us to slow down and remember the peace that the wilderness experience provides. Beautiful sculpture artworks reinforce positive feelings of relaxation, challenge your curiosity and set a special mood with colour, form, and light. 

I am hands-on with my bronze work at every step.  I design, sculpt, make the mould, and execute the casting and the patina - controlling every stage of the process. The sculptures are cast in silicon bronze at my local foundry using the lost wax process. This technique preserves excellent detail, readily accepts a good colour range of patina treatments and stands up well under all weather conditions. Each artwork is a unique composition, so  there are no two exactly the same. 

My sculptures have attracted lots of attention from followers and collectors all over the world.

Sculptural Jewellery

Few years ago, I started to get interested in working with contemporary jewellery, using a similar technique to create wearable art as I did with my sculptures. Being encouraged by my family and loyal customers, I spent years in learning the craft and creating my first collection.


My first jewellery range goes in line with my existing animal based sculptural work, capturing the beauty of nature and wildlife. ​Wearable art collection was passionately created with a dedication to traditional quality craftsmanship, locally sourced quality materials, and a devotion to my own unique style.


I believe in jewellery that tells a story for generations to enjoy, opposite to fast fashion, disposable items with short time frame. I truly hope my customers will find sentimental significance and connect to my jewellery art on a personal level, in a similar way as they do by acquiring my sculptures.

Jake Mikoda Australian Wildlife Animal Jewellery Collection
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