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Wren on a Branch

The Superb Fairy Wren on a Maple Tree Branch

Life Size

Bronze / Stainless Steel Sculpture

H29 x W11 x D8 cm 

As a part of Bird Week 2013, the superb fairy-wren has won a national poll to identify the country’s most-loved feathered animal. Sean Dooley, the editor of Bird Life Australia’s magazine, said the fairy-wren triumphed because of its combination of good looks and regular appearances in back yards in New South Wales, Queensland and Tasmania.



To enquire about price and availability, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Some sculptures are in stock for immediate shipment. The casting and finishing process takes from 2 weeks up to 6 months depending on work load and casting schedule.  Please note, that each sculpture is going through hand patination process which makes the colors slightly different and unique.

Bring the wilderness experience inside,

slow down and remember the peace that it provides.

Casting bronze Jake Mikoda

Did you know all bronze and silver art pieces are hand cast by Jake in Hobart, Australia?

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