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Fairy Wrens 

on a Fruit Bowl

Bronze / Stainless Steel / Glass / Marble

Unique Sculpture

The sculpture features two beautiful Wrens made from pure bronze using traditional lost cast technique and finished with a multicolored patina.  Laser cut stainless steel leaves give a nice shimmering shine to the sculpture and play with the light in a room. The bowl is made from high-quality tempered glass and is large enough for a selection of fruits, veggies or just flowers. The sculpture is securely set on a highly polished marble base.



To enquire about price and availability, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Some sculptures are in stock for immediate shipment. The casting and finishing process takes from 2 weeks up to 6 months depending on work load and casting schedule.  Please note, that each sculpture is going through hand patination process which makes the colors slightly different and unique.

Bring the wilderness experience inside, 

slow down and remember the peace that it provides

Casting bronze Jake Mikoda

Did you know all bronze and silver art pieces are hand cast by Jake in Hobart, Australia?

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